Tabs of 99.99% pure 100+ug

1 tab is a strong trip for first timers.

One is fun, two you’re done, three you’re spun.

we have worked on the purity for a very long time to ensure maximum satisfaction and safety.

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After several months of preparation, The best LSD our lab can produce so far have been listed on our shop. now the unending update about the incoming stock of LSD for sale is now a thing of the past, you can now add your required quantity to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Thought you can buy LSD online on discreet shop, we understand that some people might have doubts about the quality, so we have put in place several quantities of which you can start small, test as you go higher. you start by first buying the package of just 5 unit and incrementally continue to the maximum and if you need even larger quantity, let us know by mail and we will make some custom packing for you.


Packages are always split into as many pieces as possible when necessary in order to ensure safe and secure delivery, so if you receive your product in few batches, don’t be annoyed .

happy shopping, add to cart and proceed to checkout.


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