Buy MDPV online

How to buy MDPV online safely with pictures

How to buy MDPV online safely with pictures

Have you ever wondered how to securely buy MDPV online without revealing much of your data ? its a struggle many people are into this days, but only few lucky once like you fall into great articles from the top experience dealers like this. we have been into this business for long and we can tell which is safe and which is not. this post on How to buy MDPV online safely with pictures will be the full guide that will help you gain be discreet.


How to buy MDPV online safely
How to buy MDPV online safely



Principles on how to buy MDPV online

With our long experience in the business, we have come to a conclution that the bellow principles are definitely the best, if you really want to maintain discreetness while you Buy MDPV online safely. so find bellow list before we jump into showing you the how to from start to finished. 

  1.  Do not use your credit card on any online shop except you are buying them for legal usage.
  2. Don’t give out your SSN for any reason at all.
  3. Buy only with bitcoin, litecoin or any other crypto currency  if possible.
  4. Always ask if its possible that the products are shipped with only your last name.
  5. Always ask for a discreet delivery, even when its legal in your country.

We advice you to stick with us, but if for any reason you are to buy from any other vendor, then this options should be strictly consider, but as for us, we have gone beyond these to make sure our clients are safe.

Steps to safely buy MDPV online

  1.  go to our our Shop and look for the product you, if you want or MDPV and click on add to cart. note that on large orders you benefit free shipping.
  2. Follow the checkout process.
  3. insert your address and other details as required if you are not comfortable with that read our Terms and conditions and our Legal Notice
  4. Once at the payment page, click checkout with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin and click checkout.
  5. A page will show up with the bitcoin address to send the payment to, if you haven got bitcoin yet, search the term “Buy Bitcoins Instantly” and you will get varieties of options, its safe to use your real details when buying bitcoins, because its not attached to your name.
  6. By you should have bitcoin and you are at the payment page, send the exact bitcoin amount you see on the page and payment will be confirmed within 3-10 minutes. once its confirmed, an admin will get back to you within 24 hours with either further questions (about packaging, etc) or with delivery details if every details you submit was ok.
  7. once you receive it, repeat the process whenever you need more. we are with you !!

If for any reason you have a questions, an admin will be online even on the go and if in case no  admin is available at the moment, just send us a mail and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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