Buy research chemicals with monero xmr

With focus on privacy, we decided to implement the world’s most secure untraceable crypto currency. Monero (xmr) as payment option for on our store. So you can now use monero to buy research chemicals, buy mdma with monero, buy mdpv with monero and other research chemicals on our shop. For the sake of promoting privacy […]

improved purity on all products

wesome purity rate of our products, we have worked restless   to improve its quality and to eliminate products of purity level bellow 95   The safety of our clients is at the toppest of our proirity and we will always boost of the quality of our products. We have also taken the opportunity to […]

Best week

We have recorded higher success rate over the past week, we broke our records and reached 100% success rate in a month, we have few packages still in processing and we expect them to reach their destinations safely. with our improved packaging methods and advance x-ray/drug dog’s detection prevention technics, we can’t be more sure […]

Our goal this year

Update #1: Purity and quality assurance. we aim at archiving 100% purity of most or all of our products this year and to continually provide faster and efficient delivery. we at Discreet Shop have dedicated our lives to eliminate all the sales of bad substances in the market due to the greedy nature of resellers […]

lsd Stock available

Greetings valued clients, we have updated you guys publicly for a while now, due to the fact that we were busy upgrading everything in the backend to provide a more better service, which is what happen when educated people are behind the keyboard to make you smile all the time. we will make discreet shop […]

Cocaine Pure Update

As you may have noticed, our pure cocaine was protected with password and we only shipped to select locations etc, after inensive test, we have had a wonderful success rate and as such we have decided to put it open for everyone to order, its purely safe and the discreetness is assured. we know what […]

14 March update: please read

Outline: we have some new stocks and some information for clients who made orders last month (Febuary).   Firstly, few products have been added to our inventory for our nice brothers and sisters out there (clients), amonst which we have the legandery “super K” and mephedrone. we have already added ketamine while we decide on […]

New stock

We have some new stocks of even better quality, some product have been upgraded. we have intergraded with a friendly lab that produces MXE of better quality than ours and we have gone into contract to buy all their supply. This will give us time to focus on the products we are able to provide […]

Sorry for incoviniences

Discreetshop haven been available for the past few days, not only have we been through several none disclossable issues but we also seized communication with clients temporally. however everything have been restored except the following: We have lost order data of more than 522 orders. however these are mainly delivered and confirmed orders except for […]